i2O enables you to place accurate, reliable and affordable loggers at points of interest on your network, set them up and use simple software to return data directly from them with ease.

Our clients use loggers at a wide variety of points of interest on their networks: Reservoirs, PRVs, Pumps, Critical points, AZPs, DMAs, Network model nodes, Trunk mains.

i2O's logger can be used to monitor a single pressure at any point of interest in the network.

i2O's logger can be used at PRVs to monitor flow and upstream, downstream, and control space pressures.

Market Leading

Accurate and complete data securely communicated

Accurate and complete data securely communicated

  • High precision, low drift encrypted data without data gaps.
  • Non-volatile data storage up to a year so no loss of data from power interruptions.
  • High performance internal antenna convertible in the field to external in poor mobile network reception areas.
  • Secure data communication using TLS V1.2 on the GPRS network of your choice.
Valuable data you can rely on for decision making

Valuable data you can rely on for decision making

  • Pressure and flow data at relevant levels of resolution.
  • Up to 3 pressure measurements and 2 flows.
  • Enables asset condition monitoring.
  • Enhanced statistics for transient detection and investigation.
  • Data resolution from 1s to 24 hours.
  • Records mobile network signal strength.
Lowest whole life cost

Lowest whole life cost

  • Future proofed through over-the-air firmware upgrades.
  • High precision transducers mean no requirements for recalibration.
  • Up to 17 years battery life from internal battery or use external battery pack or DC power source.
  • SIM card and batteries easily exchanged by user.
  • Designed and tested to IP68 4m submersion.
  • Capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions of up to 50°C and 85% humidity.
Timely data return to enable effective decision making

Timely data return to enable effective decision making

  • You configure the frequency of data transmission.
  • Set thresholds for each channel input and configure SMS alerts and latest data transmit on threshold breach.

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