What is dNet? dNet enables you to place accurate, reliable and affordable i2O loggers at points of interest in your network, configure them, and view and analyse data from your entire logger estate

How dNet works

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  • 1

    Collect data at specified intervals from points of interest on the network

  • 2

    Send data at specified intervals

  • 3a

    Receive data - i2O software service

  • 3b

    Receive data - Enterprise Edition

  • 4

    Forward data - i2O software service

  • 5

    Defined thresholds are breached triggering SMS or email alarm and data upload

  • 6

    Review visualisation, anomalies detected, and diagnoses

  • 7

    Change control parameters using oNet

  • 8

    Dispatch maintenance crew only when needed

Key functionality


Ingest i2O + 3rd Party data

i2O’s loggers can be used to monitor pressure and flow at any point of interest in the network

dNet can also ingest data from your existing loggers and provide a unified view of your network



dNet visualises data in ways that make it easier for engineers to identify anomalies whether they are threshold breaches or patterns of abnormal performance. The principles of effective visualisation are:

  • Easy to view
  • Quick to update
  • Easy to navigate
  • Context brings meaning


Alarm thresholds can be individually set for each flow and pressure channel. Alarms trigger the following actions:

  • Send an SMS and/or an email containing alarm details
  • Dial up with increased regularity

Why i2O?dNet provides a cost-effective solution for data return

High quality

High quality

  • Manufactured in the UK to externally audited 5S manufacturing standards
  • Internationally recognised quality, environmental and security standards: ISO 9001, 14001, 27001
  • High precision pressure transducers
  • Designed and tested to IP68
  • Wide range of temperature and humidity operating conditions
  • Drop tested to 1.2m impact on concrete
  • Built to order with 1 week lead time
Most useful data

Most useful data

  • Up to 3 pressure measurements and 2 flow channels from a single logger
  • 10Bar transducers fitted as standard, 30Bar transducers are available at
    no additional cost
  • Secure data communication on the 2G or 3G network of your choice
  • Threshold and decaying alarms
  • Enhanced statistics for transient detection and investigation
  • Records mobile network signal strength and battery voltage
  • Ability to carry out on-site readings from logger
  • Non-volatile data storage up to a year
  • Remotely configurable sampling, logging and dial-up intervals
  • Data can be exported or integrated with other systems
Ease of use

Ease of use

  • Installation and configuration using laptop, mobile or tablet
  • Internal or external battery, or mains powered
  • SIM card and battery easily exchanged by user in the field
  • Quick-fit hoses, cam-lock screws and cable tie mount for quick
  • Wide range of antenna options
  • Small size and light weight
Lowest lifetime cost

Lowest lifetime cost

  • Competitive pricing with 3 year warranty as standard
  • More than 5 years battery life from internal battery
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade deliver new functionality
  • No return to base for recalibration, battery or SIM change
  • Loggers remotely upgradeable to PRV controller
  • Ongoing service and technical support at no additional cost

Clients Clients use dNet for a variety of reasons including: monitoring reservoir levels, identifying anomalies in the network

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Pressure and flow data from points of interest on your network



Accurate, reliable and affordable data loggers


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