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  • 1

    Collect data at specified intervals from points of interest on the network

  • 2

    Send data at specified intervals

  • 3a

    Receive data - i2O software service

  • 3b

    Receive data - Enterprise Edition

  • 4

    Forward data - i2O software service

  • 5

    Defined thresholds are breached triggering SMS or email alarm and data upload

dNet enables you to place accurate, reliable and affordable loggers at points of interest on your network - Reservoirs, PRVs, Pumps, Critical points, AZPs, DMAs, Network model nodes, Trunk mains, etc.; set them up; and use simple software to return data directly from them with ease


Software as a Service

We take the strain for you:

  • The fastest way to deliver: works anywhere, easy to use, immediately available
  • No hassle: guaranteed levels of service, seamless upgrades, zero infrastructure, high levels of security
  • Affordable: no significant up-front costs, simple annual fee, scalable

Enterprise Software

You take the strain:

  • Your IT department installs dNet software on your servers
  • Your IT department ensures levels of service, installs upgrades, and integrates with your Active Directory giving the benefits of single sign-on and enabling you to manage security
  • You pay a software licence fee and ongoing support & maintenance charges

dNet BenefitsdNet provides a cost-effective solution for data return


Accurate and complete data securely communicated

High precision, low drift encrypted data without data gaps.


Timely data return to enable effective decision making

Data returned when it's needed.


Lowest whole life cost

Robust and reliable future-proofed hardware.


Valuable data you can rely on for decision making

Pressure and flow data at relevant levels of resolution.

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dNet solution brochure

Logger 14 Data Sheet

Market Leading

Software available as SaaS or Enterprise
Accurate data that you can trust
Robust and reliable hardware
Long battery life
More useful data returned
Securely encrypted data


WSD Hong Kong

WSD Hong Kong

The Water Supply Department of Hong Kong (WSD) is the organisation responsible for supplying water across Hong Kong. It needs accurate information about the pressure on its water network so that it can improve the supply to customers, and reduce leakage and the frequency of bursts.

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