What is eNet? eNet enables everyone to play their part, wherever they are, in efficiently diagnosing and resolving events large and small.

The ChallengesThese are the problems our clients are typically trying to solve by using eNet

Two key issues make event management difficult

Relevant and accurate information can be difficult to obtain and assess because it is held in various people’s heads and disparate systems

Keeping everyone up-to-date in every location with every decision, action and its rationale is difficult


Smaller events are managed in an ad hoc way and may escalate into large events

Time is lost in diagnosing and resolving events

Activity can be missed or duplicated

Decision making is impeded


More water is lost/more pollution occurs

More customers are affected

More penalties are imposed

More damage to reputation

The Solution

Helps ensure all appropriate actions are taken and none are duplicated
Records actions and rationale – an irrefutable audit trail
Enables decisions to be made in possession of all available information
Enables people to track progress either by logging in, or by having it pushed to them by email/SMS
Makes information available on all types of devices in all locations – office, field, home; making decision making possible from any location

Less water is lost, less pollution occurs
Customer satisfaction is maximised
Penalties are minimised
Reputation is protected

Key functionality



  • Add event, location
  • Events are closed automatically by final activity


  • Add activity
  • Add notes
  • New estimates automatically supersede earlier ones
  • Manage exceptions (redact a posted activity, cancel an event)
  • Escalate


  • Rolled up view; detailed view
  • Automatically send SMS/email
  • Export to Excel
  • Audit
  • Post event review and lessons learned

Why i2O?All events large and small are diagnosed and resolved more quickly

Ease of use

Ease of use

  • Powered by Badger Software’s CLIO product
  • Pre-loaded with standard water industry event and activity types
  • Used by almost every police force in the UK for critical incident management
  • Used by a range of other industries for general event management
Available on all devices

Available on all devices

  • PC, laptop, tablet, phone
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • No IT hardware, implementation or maintenance; just start using it
Continuous improvement of functionality

Continuous improvement of functionality

  • Continuous improvement of functionality and no extra cost
Suite of solutions

Suite of solutions

  • eNet will in due course be more closely integrated with i2O’s suite of smart network solutions:
    • iNet, the network monitoring and analytics solution, which can identify events
    • oNet, the advanced pressure management solution, which can enable remote control and automatic optimisation of pressure in the network

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Manage burst, sewer overflow and water quality events quickly and effectively


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