Deal with incidents quickly and effectively

Our Event Management solution ensures a standardised incident resolution process is followed so that no steps are missed, duplicated or carried out in the wrong order. The solution is powered by Badger Software’s CLIO product, which is used by almost every police force in the UK for critical incident management, such as terrorist incidents, which require multi-agency response, a disciplined and rigorous approach and immediate availability of information to decision-makers and staff involved.


This solution will:


Log relevant information


Make information available to all users in real-time


Enable a co-ordinated multi-agency response



  • Add event, location
  • Events are closed automatically by final activity


  • Add activity
  • Add notes
  • New estimates automatically supersede earlier ones
  • Manage exceptions (redact a posted activity, cancel an event)
  • Escalate


  • Rolled up view; detailed view
  • Automatically send SMS/email
  • Export to Excel
  • Audit


  • Default language, event types, activity groups, activities and role
  • The ability to configure language, terminology, roles and business processes
  • A full record of all actions and comments
  • No hardware or installation process, or ongoing maintenance – ready to use straight away
  • Continuous development and functionality updates at no additional cost


Reduced water loss

Following defined processes and making information available reduces the time it takes to identify, diagnose and resolve incidents

Reduced energy and operational costs

Following defined processes and making information available reduces the time taken to identify, diagnose and resolve incidents

Improved customer service

The availability of all relevant information enables Customer Services to communicate proactively with customers and to respond to customers with best available information

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