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  • 1

    Collect pressure and flow data at specified intervals

  • 2

    Send pressure and flow data at specified intervals

  • 3

    Receive data - i2O software service

  • 4a

    Utility applies control philosphy - (timings, target pressures, control curves)

  • 4b

    i2O algorithm calculates and applies optimal control curve

  • 5

    Defined thresholds are breached triggering SMS or email alarm and data upload

oNet enables remote control and automatic optimisation of pressure at PRVs and pumps across your entire network.


Remote Control

You decide and set your control philosophy for PRVs and pumps.

  • Fixed outlet pressure precisely controlled with minimum factor of safety
  • Schedule in advance for known variations: events, intermittent supply
  • Implement a control curve that you have manually calculated

Automatic Optimisation

oNet algorithms determine the optimal control philosophy for PRVs and pumps to achieve a minimum critical point pressure

  • Adjust for flow-related headloss
  • Adapts to changes in demand over time: fire demand, seasonal, cultural and growth related changes

oNet BenefitsoNet delivers a wide range of major business benefits


Leakage Reduction

By removing excess pressure, leakage levels fall by an average of 20%.


Energy Savings

Less water being pumped at a lower average pressure leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption.


Burst Frequency Reduction

Through lowering maximum pressures and smoothly controlling pressure transitions, burst frequency is reduced.


Improved Customer Service

Target pressures can be delivered with a high degree of confidence; there are fewer network related complaints.


Asset Lifetime Extension

Owing to the reduction in burst frequency, the lifespan of infrastructure approaching replacement can be extended.


Operational Costs Savings

i2O customers save money from less ‘find and fix’ activity and fewer scheduled site visits.

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oNet Solution Brochure

Pump Controller Data Sheet

PRV Control Data Sheet

Market Leading

Largest number of utilities, largest geographic coverage, for the longest time
Integrated whole network control and optimisation solution
Robust and reliable hardware allowing precision, speed of control, and smoothness of changes
The fastest way to deliver results; no hassle; affordable
Patent protected inventions in the APV, pump control, controlling water pressure based on time and flow, and updating the inlet controller parameters; none of which we license to third parties
Functionality designed by engineers with deep understanding of network design and operations e.g. managed failure modes to ensure continuity of service


Air Selangor, Malaysia

Air Selangor, Malaysia

The state of Selangor in Malaysia experienced severe water shortage in 2014 and was forced to embark on a water rationing programme across hundreds of DMAs. oNet was used to ensure that supply could be cut and restored reliably at fixed times and on specific days.

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Aguas Kpital Cúcuta, Colombia

Aguas Kpital Cúcuta, Colombia

In the city of Cucuta, Water Kpital monitors their network and manages pressure in it using i2O’s oNet solution. This has enabled them to manage their resources more effectively and reduce the intermittency of service in some areas, despite the significant impact of El Nino

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GuangDong Water, China

GuangDong Water, China

Guangdong Water in Southern China was facing high levels of Non Revenue Water and needed to find a way of quickly and effectively reducing leakage.

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