AL ROUBA Group is a wholly owned Omani company established in 2000. It provides waterline products, contracting & services in the Sultanate of Oman under wise leadership by its Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Talal Al Balushi and inspired team members.

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AutomatiX Lebanon

AutomatiX is a system integration firm focused on providing innovative solutions in the field of automation and power across the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. Its engineering team is always ready to support customers with the best of breed technologies, tailored to their needs and requirements and has implemented systems that serve the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, water and waste water, telecommunication and industrial processes.

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Blue Gold

Blue Gold Italy

Based in Italy (Milan), Blue Gold with a disruptive solution to tackle water challenges, is ranked among the 750 Italian registered Innovative SME’s.

Integrating innovative algorithms with engineered Internet of Things devices, Blue Gold acquires flow and pressure measures from the network, providing valuable information to water utilities in order to reduce water losses through the pre-localization and prioritization of repair, the alignment of water pressure level to the real needs of the network, and the pipe’s renovation plan in the network based on “energy consumption” priorities.

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CERES Paraguay

Water is the main component of life as we know it, without which life could not exist. We are dedicated to having the most advanced technologies and services to make efficient control, production, distribution, and sustainable management, resulting in optimal preservation.

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Davidi Rom Consulting

Davidi Rom Consulting Israel

DRnrw, owned by Davidi Rom, is engaged in the management & monitoring of water infrastructures to reduce water losses (NRW). DRnrw manages & executes several projects in water companies in Israel. Services include: consulting & planning for water sector sectorization, conducting surveys & mapping water pressures in the network, dynamic pressure management & continuous monitoring of DMAs & PMAs, administrative water loss detection, conducting surveys to locate water losses, sale of noise loggers, data loggers, controllers, & dynamic management pilots, ongoing assistance to water companies in assimilating system & management approaches, including analysing data & providing alerts for action.

Elkome Systems OY

Elkome Systems OY Finland

Elkome delivers systems to industry for the needs of production and product development. We offer solutions with which our customers can make their production more effective and safe. Using our products and services our customers can produce higher quality and make more competitive products.

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Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems Taiwan

Energy Management Systems, EMS, work with both public and private water utilities in Taiwan. EMS has the knowledge and expertise supported by a comprehensive line of integrated metering systems to help utilities increase the percentage of water sold whilst still monitoring precious resources. Its product portfolio includes state-of-the-art AMR/AMI systems using the latest wired/wireless communications and software technologies as well as electronic flow meters to fulfil current and future demands.

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Exxor Technologies Sdn Bhd

Exxor Technologies Sdn Bhd Malaysia

Exxor is a Sarawak registered company that specializes in Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction and Advanced Pressure Management for water networks. Through our Leakage Management Solution and NRW Manager, we offer a single stop solution to clients integrating GIS with Hydraulic Modeling thus enabling water companies to manage their networks with proactively and effectively by saving millions litres of water from being wasted and Exxor will continue to strive to help water supply companies to reduce their NRW.

Aquip Flowservices

Aquip Flowservices Australia

Aquip Flowservices specialise in delivering market leading industrial technology, complete with comprehensive lifetime technical support to the Oil & Gas, Mining, HVAC, Water and Chemical industries for over 35 years collectively.

Aquip Flowservices is dedicated to helping clients realise their targeted reliability and productivity goals through ensuring accuracy in data collection to support asset management and maintenance initiatives.

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GLEMANS is a supplier of strategic products and services for various infrastructure sectors. Founded in 1997, they import and market high-quality products, delivering innovation, excellent advice and support of pre and post-sale. They have consistently adapted to the dynamic needs of their clients and represent leading companies worldwide, allowing them to deliver a comprehensive service that combines quality and innovation for a wide range of industries.

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Guangdong Investment Ltd

Guangdong Investment Ltd China

Guangdong Investment Limited, the parent company of GDH Water, is quoted on the Hong Kong Stock market. There are 40 water companies in the Group in four of China's provinces, serving a population of 60 million people. It is China's second largest water treatment company.

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Hydrosave (UK) Ltd

Hydrosave (UK) Ltd United Kingdom

Hydrosave (UK) Ltd is a water operations specialist focused on providing practicable solutions and improving data to the utility and private sector. Services include leakage management, water operations, demand and revenue services, asset condition assessment, corrosion measurement and provision of network monitoring solutions. Hydrosave is part of SSI Services UK Ltd a multi-disciplinary infrastructure services Group wholly owned by South Staffordshire Plc. SSI Test, Inspect, Consult is a division of Hydrosave focused on critical infrastructure management across multi utility environments.

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HYDROTECH for Engineering & Technical Services

HYDROTECH for Engineering & Technical Services Egypt

Hydrotech for Engineering & Technical Services (S.A.E) was established in 2001 as an Egyptian joint stock company. The company is specialized in the field of fluid transfer covering the water & waste water, industrial & oil and gas markets. Hydrotech offers the supply, installation and maintenance of rotating equipment and accessories including centrifugal pumps, twin screw pumps, centrifugal air compressor, steam turbine, mechanical seals, bearing isolators, disc and drum filters, filter presses, screens, belt dryers, drum flakes, smart network solutions, valves and aeration systems and many more.

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IAC Saudi Arabia

International Aramoon Co. Ltd. (IAC), founded by Eng. Faiz ALELWEET in 1990, specializes in water leak detection, repair and network management, and wastewater/sewer repair and no-dig rehabilitation.

IAC is a pioneer in water network management services using the latest advanced technologies and following IWA standards. IAC is the leading NRW EPC Contractor in Saudi Arabia for intermittent and continuous supply.

IAC integrate DMA/DMZ monitoring components and solutions in SMART SYSTEM WATCHLEAK, a web based GIS integrated solution to remotely manage and diagnose problems. It’s a monitoring system enabling Operation and Maintenance staff to act before reaching a serious problem.

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IQGeo is the world leader in mobile geospatial software, accelerating digital transformation and improving productivity across enterprise planning, design, construction and maintenance processes. Our myWorld software creates a geo operations hub that unlocks the right information at the right time, accessing data previously hidden away in complex and disconnected back end systems. More than 35,000 users from 45 global operators rely on the myWorld mobile and workstation software every day to easily visualize and manage their operational assets from anywhere, on any device.

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Itron Global

Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. It provide comprehensive solutions that measure, manage and analyse energy and water. Itron's broad product portfolio includes electricity, gas, water and thermal energy measurement devices and control technology; communications systems; software; as well as managed and consulting services. With thousands of employees supporting nearly 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Itron applies knowledge and technology to better manage energy and water resources.

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JOAT South Africa

Over the past 15 years JOAT has become the largest company in Africa focused on water efficiency and NRW reduction through a winning combination of leading expertise, reliable world-class products, and in-depth knowledge of complexities of reducing NRW, and partnerships with global experts. JOAT has national coverage in South Africa, with offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein.

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MENA Engineering Equipment LLC

MENA Engineering Equipment LLC Dubai

MENA Engineering Equipment LLC are a Dubai based company serving customers from all over the Middle East and North Africa region. MENA provides solutions for the water and construction sectors, and prides itself on its ability to focus on anticipating market trends, identifying and meeting customers' needs; providing them with value-added services and keeping up with advances in technology.

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Monitora Brazil

MONITORA is a technology company with a multidisciplinary team that specialises in the development of customised solutions which includes complex engineering problems, water and sewage monitoring, geoprocessing, loss control, project management and business analysis in the sanitation segment. The company values knowledge and is always committed to achieving the highest quality in the execution of their services, through an optimistic, pleasant and collaborative work environment. For the Monitora Team, the essential elements are: empathy, humility and respect in any situation.

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PANATEC is part of a group of companies covering the industrial, environmental, renewable energy and defence sectors. It has positioned itself as a leading company in the supply of equipment and systems, specialising in technological solutions for the realisation of measures, tests and non-destructive inspection (NDT). It has operations Iberian Peninsula, France and Portugal through its regional delegations and subsidiary companies, and internationally through strategic alliances in Spanish-speaking and North African markets.

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SAM Engineering & Trade Co., Ltd.

SAM Engineering & Trade Co., Ltd. Jordan

SAM Engineering & Trade Co (SAM) is one of the leading distributors of Electro-mechanical products in Jordan. Established in 1980, SAM was able to grow its business portfolio extensively through selling different kinds of products that fall under Mechanical (especially pumping stations and steam networks), Electrical, Controls, Software, and Instruments. SAM is also a comprehensive solution provider that offers engineering services in Design, Automation as well as Motor Control Centers. SAM has been involved in different sized projects from small applications to rigorous site-wide projects.

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TCIE Hong Kong

Founded in 1989 in Hong Kong, we have been providing waterline products and solutions to the local industry. We offer top quality products of advanced technology, with a vision to help build a better home.


Tecflusac Peru

Fluid Technology, TECFLUSAC, is a company dedicated to the commercialisation of electro pumps, automation equipment, water valves, as well as the development of solutions for drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. TECFLUSAC partner with a number of international companies capable of providing quality, innovative products for the management and control of water resources.

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UHM Co Ltd

UHM Co Ltd Thailand

UHM Group has been in the water business for more than 50 years. We produce pipe and water meter and are appointed by both local and overseas suppliers to distribute water-related-products to government and private sectors. UHM has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification with the quality policy “Providing goods and services for customer’s satisfaction".

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VUCICO Vietnam

VUCICO provides world-leading technology and equipment to a number of industries in Vietnam, including water supply and drainage, environmental treatment, HVAC, industrial, and agricultural. Over the past 15 years, VUCICO have implemented projects for the World Bank, ADB, AFD projects, JICA and partners in the provinces and cities of Vietnam.

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Z-Tech Control Systems

Z-Tech Control Systems United Kingdom

Z-Tech Control Systems provides intelligent engineering solutions for Water Utilities. Its engineering solutions cover a wide range of areas including: Instrumentation, Software engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering and Civil engineering. Founded in 2000, there has been successive growth built on creativity and a desire to fix difficult problems. It has a diverse portfolio of activity, which means it is able to offer customers a total solution to any problem, providing an in-house service for design, development, installation and maintenance whilst supporting day-to-day business activities.

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