Intelligent Water Network Solutions

i2O provides a range of market-leading intelligent water network solutions including Advanced Pressure Management, Network Analytics, Event Management and Data Logging.

Network Analytics

Network analytics brings together network-relevant data to maximise actionable insight in one place

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Advanced Pressure Management

Remotely control and automatically optimise pressure across the entire network

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Data Logging

Use our accurate, reliable and robust loggers to monitor flow and pressure throughout your network

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Discover our range of hardware

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Industry challenges

The global water industry faces many challenges in providing a reliable and consistent supply of water:

Growing urbanising population

World population is still increasing and urbanising at an unprecedented rate, placing huge demands on water supply and distribution in ever more concentrated areas

More extreme weather events

As global temperatures rise, the availability of fresh water is at increasing risk, making it a more precious resource than ever before

Ageing infrastructure

Water infrastructure continues to be under-invested and leakage and failure rates are likely to increase

Ever-increasing demands

Customers, regulators, and politicians all expect more from the water industry but few seem willing to pay more in customer bills or government funding

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