i2O provides a suite of smart water network solutions

Visualisation & Alarms

Effective visualisation of pressure/flow data and alarms


Maximum actionable insight from data from your network


Manage burst, sewer overflow and water quality events quickly and effectively

Advanced Pressure

Remote control and automatic optimisation of your entire network

Industry challengesThe water industry has never faced greater challenges

Growing urbanising population

Population growth continues apace. The world is also urbanising. Growth and concentration multiply the demands on water supply

Water scarcity & extreme weather events

Existing water sources are becoming depleted. More extreme weather events are occurring more often

Ageing network infrastructure

Water supply infrastructure is old. With pipe replacement rates at less than 1%, it continues to age, increasing the likelihood and severity of failures

Ageing utility workforce

The utility workforce is ageing. Whilst replacing engineers is often not a challenge, operational and network knowledge and experience cannot be replaced

Customers more demanding

Customers’ expectations are being raised by the other companies they interact with. They can complain more quickly and more loudly thanks to social media

Pressure on revenue & availability of capital

The full cost of water is often not recovered. No one wants bills to rise. Sources of capital required for major projects are often limited

Smart network solutions

Smart networks provide the quickest and most cost-effective way to deal with the challenges water utilities face


Time to benefit


Build new supply infrastructure

NoNoNo NoNoNo YesYes

Pipe replacement

NoNo No Yes

Reduce demand through behaviour change and regulation

No NoNo Yes

Make networks smart

No NoNoNo YesYesYes

Software service Our clients find software service quick to deliver results, affordable, easy and secure

The fastest way to deliver results

Works anywhere
Easy to use
Immediately available

No hassle

Guaranteed levels of service
Seamless upgrades
Zero infrastructure
High levels of security


No significant up-front costs
Simple annual fee

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Pressure and flow data from points of interest on your network



Maximising insight from data from your network



Manage burst, sewer overflow and water quality events quickly and effectively



Remotely control and automatically optimise pressure in your entire network



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