Acueducto, Colombia

Aqueduct serves the city of Bogota. Area 5, to the south of the city, is at the end of the distribution network. Historically there have been a large number of network problems and lack of supply in some areas had led to increasing numbers of customer complaints.

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Anglian Water, UK

Anglian has agreed to reduce leakage by more than 20 mld before the end of 2020.

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Air Selangor, Malaysia

The state of Selangor in Malaysia experienced severe water shortage in 2014 and was forced to embark on a water rationing programme across hundreds of DMAs. oNet was used to ensure that supply could be cut and restored reliably at fixed times and on specific days.

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Aguas Kpital Cúcuta, Colombia

In the city of Cucuta, Water Kpital monitors their network and manages pressure in it using i2O’s oNet solution. This has enabled them to manage their resources more effectively and reduce the intermittency of service in some areas, despite the significant impact of El Nino

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WSD Hong Kong

The Water Supply Department of Hong Kong (WSD) is the organisation responsible for supplying water across Hong Kong. It needs accurate information about the pressure on its water network so that it can improve the supply to customers, and reduce leakage and the frequency of bursts.

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GuangDong Water, China

Guangdong Water in Southern China was facing high levels of Non Revenue Water and needed to find a way of quickly and effectively reducing leakage.

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