Monitor flow and pressure throughout your network

i2O Data Logging enables clients to cost-effectively monitor flow and pressure throughout their network. Our data loggers are accurate, reliable and robust, with highly configurable data transmission and threshold alarm settings. The data logging platform is capable of ingesting data from either i2O or non-i2O loggers, making data from the entire logger estate available in one place. Through an API, data collated in the i2O platform can be exported or integrated to other systems.


i2O Data Loggers

i2O Data Logging will:


Provide accurate and reliable data


Deliver data at a frequency that suits your needs


Derive data that maximises the value of your investment in the hardware


Alert you to issues in a timely and useful way


Work wherever you are: in the field, in the office, at home


Offer the lowest lifetime cost in the market


  • A wide range of interval and dialup configurations
  • A full set of alarm functions on all data channels and a nightline period alarm to enhance breach and burst detection
  • Data that enables transient detection and PRV condition monitoring
  • The i2O 3-pressure logger can also be used as a controller meaning there is a minimal upgrade path to Advanced Pressure Management


  • Flow only (featuring bi-directional flow, enabling the measurement of both forward and reverse flow), 1 pressure, and 3 pressures
  • 10 or 30 Bar transducers
  • Communication options include 2G only, 2G & 3G or 2G & NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things)
  • Internal battery or a range of external battery packs to complement the internal battery, with cables to connect to any other available DC power source where an alternative external power source is available (e.g. mains, solar, microgeneration from water turbine, etc.)
  • Internal aerial or external antenna options. The external antenna can be retrofitted easily in the field if needed



High precision Swiss-made transducers deliver outstanding performance

Minimum maintenance

No recalibration required within the lifetime of the device; hot swapping in the field for battery and SIM; non-volatile data storage up to a year meaning no loss of data from power interruptions; field-upgradeable firmware; long warranty and low levels of returns

Robust and reliable

Operates in adverse conditions between temperatures of -20°C and 60°C and 85% humidity. Loggers are drop tested to 1.2m, and are IP68 certified against water ingress


i2O’s range of hardware is designed for global use in a diverse range of adverse environmental conditions, and is manufactured in the UK to externally audited ISO certified quality standards

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