What is iNet? iNet automates analysis of pressure and flow data from your network to extract maximum actionable insight in a timely way

How iNet works

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    Collect data at specified intervals from points of interest on the network

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    Send data at specified intervals

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    Receive data - i2O software service

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    Ingest data from third party loggers

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    Derive actionable insight

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    Dispatch maintenance crew only when needed

Key functionality

PRV condition monitoring

iNet allows you to maintain PRVs much more cost-effectively based on their condition. The existing solution uses 3 pressure readings, uniquely available from i2O’s logger: upstream, downstream and control space. Identified causes of failure include:

  • PRVs requiring maintenance
  • Bypassed PRVs
  • PRVs unable to fully close or open
  • PRVs incorrectly setup

Smart alarms

i2O is already assisting clients to automate the setting of threshold alarms. Our clients are moving quickly to network-wide monitoring. It is no longer practicable to manually set thresholds individually for more than 1,000 loggers and maintain these thresholds to ensure their relevance to changing network conditions. Current development will make alarms even smarter.

Transient detection

i2O loggers collect maximum, minimum and standard deviation pressure values in each measurement interval. Current development will automate and prioritise the detection of transients from this data.

Advanced pressure management opportunity assessment

Current development will automate the opportunity assessment of Advanced Pressure Management and the calculation of the benefits that it delivers.

Event detection

Our clients need to know quickly about any abnormal events on their network. Current development will provide an effective solution that reduces the awareness time of emerging problems, speeding up resolution times, reducing the impact and getting ahead of customer calls.


Insight from pressure and flow data can complement acoustic leak detection and reported leaks. Current development is aimed at assessing what density of logger deployment is cost-effective to assist in prioritising efforts to find and fix leaks.

Estate management

Our clients are moving quickly to network-wide monitoring. This involves large numbers of devices and it is no longer easy to manage this estate. Current development will assist clients in identifying issues – e.g. loggers that are struggling to communicate, batteries that are nearing end of life.

Map interface

Significantly improve map interface for reviewing network insights to complement the existing graph, dashboard, job card, and basic mapping interfaces.

Why i2O?

High quality

High quality

Our solutions’ hardware and software is of high quality. i2O has globally recognised ISO standards in quality 9001, environment 14001 and security 27001. Hardware is accurate, robust and reliable. Software is enterprise grade. We provide the most useful data and extract the most value from it. We control network pressures smoothly and accurately.

Ongoing service

Ongoing service

We don’t just sell clients product and then leave them to struggle; we provide an ongoing service that helps them ensure that they get the most out of our solutions. We train clients to use our solutions and update them on new functionality. We provide Technical Support in client office hours in multiple languages. Software service uptime is 99.9%. Client satisfaction with our Technical Support is 98%.

Innovation & continuous improvement

Innovation & continuous improvement

We work in partnership with our clients to bring new solutions to market, and are restless in improving existing solutions. We invest heavily in new product development. We are a thought leader in smart networks.

Lowest lifetime cost

Lowest lifetime cost

Our solutions have the lowest lifetime cost and deliver a Return On Investment well within regulatory periods, periods of office, and in many cases in less than 1 year. Hardware is easy to install, costs are competitive, battery life is maximised, and maintenance requirements are minimised. Clients do not need to spend time or money on IT infrastructure, its maintenance and security, or patching and updating software.

Clients Clients use iNet for a variety of reasons including: identifying opportunities to improve network performance, scheduling timely PRV maintenance based on condition, identifying and diagnosing transients