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    Collect data at specified intervals from points of interest on the network

  • 2

    Send data at specified intervals

  • 3

    Receive data - i2O software service

  • 4

    Review visualisation, anomalies detected, and diagnoses

  • 5

    Change control parameters using oNet

  • 6

    Dispatch maintenance crew only when needed

iNet enables you to gain maximum insight from data from your network



iNet visualises data in ways that make it easier for engineers to identify anomalies whether they are threshold breaches or patterns of abnormal performance.

  • Make data easy to view
  • Data updates quickly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Puts data in wider context

Anomaly detection

iNet algorithms identify abnormal conditions on the network

  • Breach of thresholds
  • Unusual patterns


iNet algorithms infer the cause of PRV abnormal performance:

  • Require maintenance
  • Bypassed
  • Unable to fully close or open
  • Incorrectly set up

iNet BenefitsiNet enables you to take action before issues arise, escalate, impact customers or become catastrophic events


Burst Frequency Reduction

Identify root causes of bursts: transients, pressure fluctuations, pressure levels.


Leakage Reduction

Identify opportunities to reduce excess pressure.


Operational Costs Savings

Maintain assets on the basis of condition rather than on a time schedule.


Improved Customer Service

Identify and resolve issues before they escalate into catastrophic failure and supply interruption.

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iNet Solution Brochure

Market Leading

Best visualisation of data
Easiest software to use
Most insight from the data
Actionable insight that you can rely on


Acueducto, Colombia

Acueducto, Colombia

Aqueduct serves the city of Bogota. Area 5, to the south of the city, is at the end of the distribution network. Historically there have been a large number of network problems and lack of supply in some areas had led to increasing numbers of customer complaints.

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Anglian Water, UK

Anglian Water, UK

Anglian has agreed to reduce leakage by more than 20 mld before the end of 2020.

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Air Selangor, Malaysia

Air Selangor, Malaysia

The state of Selangor in Malaysia experienced severe water shortage in 2014 and was forced to embark on a water rationing programme across hundreds of DMAs. oNet was used to ensure that supply could be cut and restored reliably at fixed times and on specific days.

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