i2O continue to contribute innovative thinking to the water industry – 2018 in review

In 2018, i2O added new clients, extended its smart network solution set, enhanced quality, further reduced hardware cost and passed it onto clients, and continued to contribute innovative thinking to the water industry.ISO_presentation_004

The beginning of 2018 saw i2O achieve ISO 27001 certification, the internationally -recognised standard for best practice in information security and managing critical data. The accreditation – which is the gold standard when it comes to information security and data management – gives i2O’s clients confidence that we look after their data to strict standards.

APVExpanding its production line to enable in -house Advanced Pilot Valve (APV) manufacturing

i2O’s APVs were previously made by a sub-contractor. However i2O took the decision to manufacture the valves itself in March 2018 and invested in a new assembly line. Switching APV production in-house has provided greater control over quality, improved product development and allowed refurbishment of existing units. Reaffirming i2O’s commitment to reducing costs, the move also enabled them to pass these savings onto their clients.

This announcement came just two months before the Woolston production facility celebrated its two year birthday. The in-house manufacturing facility has given i2O the opportunity to closely control quality and maintain their position as a leader in product quality whilst also reducing costs.

Beirut_i2O_PRi2O solutions selected worldwide to address the challenges water utilities face

As the population continued to increase in Lebanon and water demand soared, in April i2O announced that the water authority of Beirut and Mount Lebanon installed i2O’s dNet solution to gain detailed insight into the performance and condition of its water network.

In September, i2O officially started operations in Argentina when 50 Loggers were commissioned in the Mendoza Province, which is home to 1.6 million people.

Throughout 2018, i2O expanded its reach to six new countries, including Argentina, Australia, Mali, Morocco, Oman and Romania.i2O_client map_with israel

Playstorescreenshot APP PR IMAGE

New android App as part of dNet solution for logging, visualisation and alarms

The new application was launched in July 2018 and has allowed water utility technicians to apply settings using a standard mobile phone or tablet device instead of a laptop or PC. This gives water utilities increased convenience, faster deployment and reduced costs.

4th smart water network solution launched – eNet

In September i2O announced the addition of eNet to its suite i2O_rgb_eNetof smart network solutions. eNet is an incident management system tailored to the needs of water utilities. It can be used for bursts, sewer overflows, water quality events, security breaches, and health & safety incidents. The new solutions is powered by Badger Software’s CLIO product, the UK’s leading supplier of Critical Incident Management software.

November saw an advance in i2O’s oNet advanced pressure management solution when the Control Logger device was launched, a pressure and flow logger with 3 pressures and bidirectional flow capability.

i2O end of year playbook

i2O has continued to produce thought provoking articles throughout 2018 with a total of 19 now published. If you have missed any of this year’s thought pieces you can download our 2018 playbook here:

2018 Thought piece playbook_CTA