Aguas Kpital will use i2O’s iNet Network Analytics software in Cúcuta, Colombia

Aguas Kpital is a multi-award winning water company with a strong social conscience.  It serves the city of Cúcuta, home to ¾ million people.  The city is close to Colombia’s border with Venezuela, so one of its challenges has been a population swollen by the 1.6m refugees from Venezuela who have crossed into Colombia.

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COVID-19 has also created new challenges with a presidential decree which prevents action against customers in arrears, and requires the re-connection of supply to those whose supply had previously been cut off. In Cúcuta, 15,500 customers in default have been reconnected.

i2O Water is pleased to announce that Aguas Kpital is extending the services provided by i2O to include its iNet Network Analytics software. iNet combines datasets to derive as much insight from that data as possible to detect and diagnose network issues earlier, maintain assets in a more timely and cost-effective way based on their condition, and identify opportunities to improve network performance. It does so in a secure and reliable way.

The General Manager of Aguas Kpital, Hugo Vergel said: ‘We have used i2O solutions for a long time and rely on them to help us optimise pressure in our networks. We used to use the data that those solutions provided to do manual analysis.  iNet will help us reduce NRW further by automating that analysis and providing insights to us in an actionable format.’

Joel Hagan, CEO at i2O commented: ‘I’m delighted that Hugo and his team will be able to do more to address their challenges with iNet.  Aguas Kpital is a leader in Colombia with its use of state of the art technology.  They have an impressive record over the last 14 years of investing smartly in their infrastructure and bringing supply from 85% to 100% of the population, a population that has tripled in that time.’