Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus is impacting most things. First the good news.


Around 90 cities and states across the USA have reportedly suspended water shutoffs for residents unable to afford their bills. But only 20% have agreed to reconnect households already disconnected. Fortunately it is not common practice across the world to shut water off when people don’t pay bills because of its fundamental importance to life.

It’s too early to discern any pattern amongst water companies but some have been preparing for reduced workforce numbers. Meanwhile there are going to be significant changes in the pattern of water usage with the number of people staying at home.

Never before has it been more important to have software taking the strain. Our clients with Advanced Pressure Management solutions set to automatic optimisation can be confident that their networks will self-adjust to changes in demand, protecting customer service and the network’s physical infrastructure. Clients with Advanced Analytics solutions can rely on insights and diagnostics from software without having to have people review graphs and data, freeing them up for other important activities.