Day Zero for the World

Are you ready?Water shortages are becoming more frequent as more extreme weather becomes more common.

Jordan is running out of water in the Middle East. Spain is drowning. Australia is running dry in the summer from hell.

Meanwhile, Manila’s crisis is subsiding.

And Cape Town’s is deemed to have passed. The article fails to mention the huge contribution made by i2O’s Advanced Pressure Management solution. It continues to minimise leakage and bursts, and manage pressures to minimum acceptable levels without the need to visit site. Restrictions on usage are still in effect.

If you’re not worried, you should be.

Water efficiency ratings for appliances are not going to do enough soon enough.

i2O’s Advanced Pressure Management solution has been used by water companies in the biggest crises faced by urban populations in the last 10 years. Install it before a crisis, and you could avert that crisis. Or wait until you don’t have a choice, and accept the consequences: blame; anger; even thefts, fights and murder.