Event management

An incident is an event that could lead to loss of, or disruption to, an organization’s operations, services or functions.

There are processes relating to managing an event, to bring it to a conclusion as quickly and effectively as possible before it escalates into an emergency, crisis or a disaster.

There are subsequently processes to identify, analyse, and learn lessons to prevent future re-occurrence or to improve the way in which events are managed in future.

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There are different types of event including:

  • Water distribution i.e. leakage/bursts
  • Water quality
  • Water treatment
  • Sewer overflow
  • Health & Safety
  • Information security
  • Physical security

There are two main problems with the way in which events are typically handled:

  1. Relevant information is hard to come by because it is held in different people’s heads and disparate systems; and
  2. Keeping everyone up-to-date in every location with every action undertaken, decision made, and the rationale for each decision is difficult.


  • For large events an incident room is set up and people often have to stay late or come in to the office early or at weekends
  • Smaller events are managed in an ad hoc way and may escalate into large events
  • Time is lost in diagnosing and resolving events
  • Activity can be missed or duplicated
  • Decision making is impeded

Therefore, in a water company context:

  • More water is lost/more pollution occurs
  • More customers are affected
  • More penalties are imposed
  • More damage occurs to reputation

Event management software enables companies to address these challenges effectively, ensuring that information is quickly and widely available, and that everyone is included in communications as required from wherever they are.

CEOs will no longer need to call the Control Room to find out what’s going on. Network Directors won’t need to drive from home to the office before they can play their role. People in the field won’t feel they’re operating blind.

i2O now offers an event management software tool that complements its existing smart water network solutions.

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