Extreme water ingress testing

i2O logger clocks up 2.5 years fully submerged.

A few years ago, a customer asked how long our loggers would work underwater.

We didn’t know.  We didn’t expect them to be placed in chambers or vaults that were permanently flooded.

We know that we’ve had them officially IP68 tested to 3feet/1m for 28 days at 160 F/70 C (the warmer the water the more challenging the test).

We know that they are used successfully in the heat and humidity of Malaysia, in the deserts of the Middle East, in the cold of Norway and in Tierra del Fuego.

So we thought we’d run a test.

On June, 9 2020 we submerged a logger in a waterbutt, and weighted it down.  The water level varies, depending on rainfall, evaporation, and whether anyone remembers to water the plants, between 20inches/50cm and 3feet/1m in depth but it is always fully submerged.

We would have been disappointed if it didn’t work for 1 year.

But it’s past the 2.5 year mark and still going.

It’s good to know you can be confident in choosing i2O.