i2O secures further investment

i2O is pleased to announce that it has received further investment from long-term committed investor Ombu.

i2O PR - i2O secures further investment from long-term committed investor OmbuThis will enable the company to continue to:

  • Service existing clients with its dNet and oNet solutions
  • Extend its logger product into new NBIoT comms, and add valuable functionality
  • Develop its new eNet and iNet solutions
  • Reduce costs and pass those onto clients wherever possible
  • Offer thought leadership in the sector

Stephen Brooke, CEO of Ombu, commented: ‘I continue to believe strongly in i2O. In recent years, it has made major strides by halving the cost of hardware and passing this reduction on to clients; building a knowledgeable, skilled and committed team with a focus on innovation and true partnership with clients; and innovating with new solutions and continuously improving. In particular, we are excited about the new software products and the role that they can play in helping clients to deal with the increasing number and severity of the challenges they face in distributing clean water to your customers. We are delighted to continue to support the company in its ambition to be the world’s leading smart network solutions company.’