Just another South African water crisis?


eNCA reports that the Limpopo water crisis is worsening. 

Comments on the article make for a colourful read from the rainbow nation.

CentralLimit writes that the article is conflating 3 things:

1) Non-arrival of rain (a climate problem)
2) Water demand exceeds water supply (a DWS problem)
3) Persistent problems with water delivery projects in Limpopo going over-time and over-budget, then stalling (a contract and project management problem).

One of the weightier contributions. And a fair point.

More extreme weather is here to stay and even the most dramatic actions are unlikely to reverse this in the foreseeable future. Reducing water demand is, except in the most extreme circumstances, almost impossible. And infrastructure projects are renowned for running late and over budget even in the most organised and wealthy countries.

Which leaves only one option: making the most of the water resource you have by optimising the existing infrastructure.

Exactly what i2O can help with with its intelligent network solutions, with its partner in South Africa JOAT.