More extreme weather events

At i2O we don’t get drawn into talking about climate change and whether it’s man-made or not. We focus on the more immediate challenge: more extreme weather is being experienced more often. Lack of rainfall and excessive precipitation are both challenges for water companies. They impact the supply, storage and treatment of clean water. Reservoirs are depleted or overflowing; treatment works are overwhelmed and water quality is more difficult to manage.

The BBC reports on Australia where Darwin has seen almost a month’s rain in just a few days at the same time as South East Australia has had temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius.

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More extreme weather events are 1 of 6 challenges that i2O sees water companies facing globally. The other 5 are: increasing population size and urbanisation, an ageing network infrastructure (pipe replacement rates globally are <1% per annum), an ageing workforce, customers becoming more demanding, and difficulty in increasing revenue or accessing capital.

i2O’s solutions help water companies deal with more extreme weather events including being prepared for drought.