Paraná not Paranoiá

Everyone’s heard of the River Amazon, right, but have you heard of the Paraná?

It’s the second longest river in South America, the fourteenth longest in the world, and it flows through Brazil, Paraguay and then Argentina.

Not only is it key to commercial shipping, fishing, and hydro-electric power, but it’s also the source of water for 40 million people.

Southern Brazil, the source of the river, has experienced 3 years of below-average rainfall, and the river’s flow is almost a third of its usual rate.

The river is now at a 77-year low.

i2O clients in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina use i2O solutions to help them monitor their networks for leaks, bursts, transients and over-pressure and to optimise pressures to reduce leakage and bursts.  Water scarcity will mean they need them more than ever.