Remote access to systems the single most important technology during the pandemic

Water utilities who already had remote access to their systems were at an advantage when COVID-19 lockdowns were introduced around the world says Isle Utilities.

Lockdowns are lifting, with periodic re-imposition. A vaccine isn’t ready yet so this purgatory may continue for a year or more. And then after that?

There was already evidence that people preferred working from home, were more productive there, happier and less likely to quit.

But it has taken an enforced period of working from home to shake things up. To prove to the sceptics perhaps that people don’t just laze around at home and watch TV given the chance.

It will not be lost on companies that they have an opportunity to reduce their office costs.

Of course not everyone’s job can be done from home.

But the future seems likely to involve a larger amount of homeworking than before COVID.

On that basis, what could get done in the office needs to get done at home.

i2O’s software services have always been available from any internet connected device for Authorised Users. They give access to network monitoring, analytics and control wherever you are, whether you choose to work from home or are required to, or whether you choose to work in the office or are required to.

Our clients were at an advantage before COVID-19 lockdowns were introduced, during them, and forever after.