Singer Valves made in the USA

At the end of last year, Mueller moved Singer production from Surrey, British Colombia, Canada to Kimball, Tennessee, USA.

That was always going to be a challenge, and has been seriously complicated by the impact of COVID.

But here’s the team in April 2022, proudly showing the largest valves (24 inch) to come off the line so far.

The International market continues to be serviced both by Kimball and, increasingly, Mueller’s plant in Jingmen, China.

Valves, including those from Singer, can be monitored and controlled using i2O’s loggers/controllers, Advanced Pilot Valve and network monitoring and control software.  This enables remote monitoring to identify maintenance, remote control to apply settings without the need to visit site, and automatic optimisation to achieve the desired minimum viable pressures in the network without having to run regular calculations to find the best settings.