The climate crisis is a water crisis

Tim Wainwright, Chief Executive of WaterAid UK, writes that throughout the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2020 he had one consistent message: for the world’s poorest, the climate crisis is a water crisis.

The changing climate has had a significant klimaschutz-1576077318mJCimpact on where it rains, how much/how little it rains and when. It has changed the temperature of the world and the times for freezing and melting.

The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency has a great picture of the impacts across the USA. They have set out the challenges for water supply and water quality.

For poorer countries, often those that have done the least to cause climate change, these impacts can be devastating.

Tim argues that the level of public and private sector investment and innovation required to deliver the sustainable water services that would benefit poverty reduction, industry and economic development is inadequate.

WaterAid is planning a conference in London in March whose aim is to position water, sanitation and hygiene at the forefront of the fight against climate, and to work on the solutions that will ensure a sustainable future for all.

i2O’s belief is that minimising leakage and extending the useful life of existing distribution infrastructure is key. It buys time to solve supply issues which are complex, expensive and take time to address.

i2O is pleased to support WaterAid.