What will happen when water runs out?

Civil unrest…


Cape Town narrowly avoided running out of water. Other cities have come close to it.

What will happen when it does? On the balance of probability, a major city is going to run out of water in the next 20 years.

Nearly 100 years ago, Mexico City ran out of water. The cause was a catastrophic pump failure.

What ensued was a month of conflict in which numerous people were killed or wound

El Universal covered the story then and has revisited it.

In 1900, the population of Mexico City was about 500,000. Today Mexico City is home to 9 million people, with more than 21 million in the Greater Mexico City area.

The impact of running out of water today compared with 100 years ago would be vastly greater.

All major cities need resilience plans to try to ensure this doesn’t happen and to deal with it if it does. Those plans should include the ability to manage pressures remotely to eke out supplies if they ever look like becoming critical.

i2O’s Advanced Pressure Management solution offers this functionality.  And in the meantime, it reduces background leakage and bursts.

No major city in the world should be without it.