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Population growth, urbanisation and climate change pose challenges to water utilities globally. Our clients use i2O’s solutions to instrument, analyse and control water networks to reduce leakage, reduce energy consumption and improve supply.

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i2O is open for business as usual during the global coronavirus lockdown. We are seeing high demand with clients placing orders to secure stock, and international shipments are taking slightly longer than usual so please place orders early.

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Isn’t a Tier 1 water shortage in fact a water crisis?

The USA is expected to declare its first “tier one” water shortage very shortly.

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Smoke pot, eat almonds, take a shower

No, it isn’t the latest get-slim-quick diet.  It’s a recipe for a water crisis.

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Data logging costs have doubled when they should have halved

Unless you’re using i2O, in which case they’ve halved.

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Mueller Water Products Acquires i2O Water, Ltd.

Mueller Water Products, Inc. today announced that it has acquired i2O Water, Ltd. (“i2O Water”), a provider of pressure management solutions for approximately $20 million in cash.

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