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It makes you WannaCry


The rapid global spread of ransomware WannaCry at the end of last week should have made everyone think hard about… Read more »

Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink


This is a picture of Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. The picture is an image… Read more »

The playbook for best practice outage management


In a recent event experienced by Anglian Water in the UK in March 2017, a tweet was picked up by… Read more »

Drought and about


California’s drought may be over for now but they’re heading into summer and California’s rain levels vary more than anywhere… Read more »

i2O prices down, water tariffs up


While i2O is busy reducing its prices, some water utilities are putting prices up. That’s not always going down well…. Read more »

More extreme weather events


The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that February 2017, December 2016 – February 2017, and… Read more »



Our new man in Latin America, Patricio Orozco, has just spent a week in Chile meeting our existing clients and… Read more »

News OfWat’s going on


Every 5 years, the UK water regulator Ofwat does a price review which sets limits on charging and sets expectations… Read more »

It’s time to visit Colombia


Your preconceptions about Colombia could be 20 years out of date. Now is the time to visit before the country… Read more »

Sydney sweats it out


As the UK enjoys another week of freezing winter temperatures, Sydney Australia enjoys (or suffers) a heatwave. called it… Read more »

Water: spiralling cost or drop in the ocean?


Water UK reports that the average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales for 2016-17 will be £389… Read more »

Corruption in the Water Sector


Transparency International says that corruption in the water sector is widespread because infrastructure projects are large, expensive and complex and… Read more »

A new era for Water under Trump?


Water Technology Executive Jim Lauria has made an impassioned plea in An Open Letter to President-Elect Trump On Water. In comments… Read more »

Riparian reserves


Raconteur tells us a worldwide water crisis is looming.  The context they give consists of two of i2O’s six major… Read more »

Smart network innovation, growth & transformation – 2016 in review


2016 has been a year of expansion, innovation and acceleration at i2O. Smart water networks are increasingly seen as a… Read more »

Analysts rate i2O as sector leader


Lux Research has identified i2O as a dominant player in the Internet of Things for the Water market.  It is… Read more »

Oh my god…this is horrible


Nick Danby has written a great article in the Harvard Political Review about America’s Crumbling Water Infrastructure. It references 4… Read more »

That sinking feeling


Many sinkholes are the result of erosion by water.  Most of that is natural.  Some of it is man-made. Yesterday… Read more »

Software R&D spending key to success


WaterBriefing reports PwC’s finding that firms who shift R&D spend to software and services have faster revenue growth, or, put… Read more »

i2O CEO meets H E Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia


Joel Hagan, CEO of i2O, is invited to attend an official function at London’s Mansion House during the official state… Read more »

PPK’s ambitious plans for water in Peru


Pedro Pablo Kuczynski Godard, better known as “PPK”, became President of Peru in July this year. In his inaugural speech… Read more »

Could a botnet of loggers bring down a water utility?


The smart devices that make up the Internet of Things are proving very popular with malicious hackers.  This is often… Read more »

Save water: swap grass for gravel


Turf Terminators of California, USA allows residents to utilise water conservation rebates for turf removal.  Rebates of $3.75 per square… Read more »

East London water supply not cut


But large parts of Buffalo City Metro, in the South East corner of South Africa, from Mdantsane to Bhisho, Dimbaza… Read more »

“SaaS” has given itself a bad name


The trouble with the name SaaS is that it’s an acronym.  The acronym obscures the fact that SaaS is a… Read more »

Will competition in water retail in the UK achieve its objectives?


Ofwat, the UK’s water regulator, has announced plans for greater competition in the UK water market.  They hope that it… Read more »

Will tourists drink Bali dry?


Thomas Wright, PhD Candidate in Anthropology at The University of Queensland has written an article picked up by The Sunday… Read more »

Storm clouds gather over Perlis, Johor


The New Straits Times reports that communities in Johor and Perlis in Malaysia are reeling from a water shortage following… Read more »

Smart water networks set to become pervasive


Our CEO, Joel Hagan, recently wrote an article in July’s edition of WIPAC Monthly. He discusses some of the major challenges… Read more »

Decongestion charge


The UK Local Government Association has called on the national Government to give more powers to local authorities to charge… Read more »

Global Water Intelligence ranks i2O top quartile


In its latest report Global Water Market 2017, Global Water Intelligence ranks i2O above its direct competitors in terms of… Read more »

Iran looks for help with water projects


In January 2016, international sanctions were lifted following the ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran.  Since then, Iran has been busy sorting… Read more »

Colombian miracle


It’s an exciting time in Colombia.  After 50 years of civil war and 30 years of unsuccessful negotiations, the government… Read more »

Anglian Water reports record low levels of leakage and interruptions to supply


Anglian has announced its preliminary results for the year ended 31 March 2016, which were picked up by Utility Week…. Read more »

The Power of Water


The temperature in India broke records last week.  The new record was set in Phalodi, a city in the desert… Read more »

Water: the urban/rural divide


A report from the BBC says that Nestle extracted 36 million gallons of water from a national forest in California… Read more »

Drought causes power cuts and changes in hairstyles in Venezuela


President Nicolás Maduro has announced a 4 day working week with three-day weekends to include Fridays for the next two… Read more »

Water crises – risk or reality?


In 2015, the Global Risks Report from the World Economic Forum had Water Crises as the highest impact issue in… Read more »

Heavy rain in Chile leaves 4 million people without drinking water


Santiago, Chile, is a pretty dry place.  Average annual rainfall is just 8% of that in Dartmoor, UK.  But it’s… Read more »

We’re running out of water, and the consequences could be dire


Newsweek has republished an article that was originally published by Reveal about the geopolitical ramifications of water shortage. Normally at i2O… Read more »

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop for jeans


A new article from the BBC  reports that it takes an average 11,000 litres of water to make a pair… Read more »

Smart networks smoothing supply of water


The move to smart water networks is accelerating in the water industry because it allows utilities to confront their major… Read more »

Smart Networks are the answer. What is the question?


Joel Hagan, CEO at i2O, has written an article addressing how Smart Networks can help water utilities tackle some of… Read more »

Fun, Food and Fundraising for Water Aid


Our last fundraising event for Water Aid was so successful, we thought it was high time we organised another one… Read more »

Smart water networks will endure when the IoT bubble bursts


In its latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, the analyst firm Gartner places the Internet of Things (IoT) at the… Read more »

World leaders say water crisis is number one global risk


Water security, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), is one of the most tangible and fastest-growing social, political, economic and environmental… Read more »

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