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More extreme weather events


At i2O we don’t get drawn into talking about climate change and whether it’s man-made or not. We focus on the more immediate challenge: more extreme weather is being experienced more often. Lack of rainfall and excessive precipitation are both challenges for water companies. They impact the... Read More »

Cyberfine for water companies


The UK Government has announced that critical national infrastructure companies will face fines of up to £17m if they fail to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, effective May 2018. Critical national infrastructure companies include energy, transport, health and water companies. They are being... Read More »

Innovation in water conservation and leakage management


We recently wrote an article in December's edition of Water Active highlighting why we believe innovation is helping to tackle water conservation and leakage management with the UK leading the way. You can read the full article... Read More »

Beyond Digital: Why Smart Water Networks are a Natural Progression for the Water Industry


We recently wrote an article in December's edition of Water Finance & Management journal outlining why we believe smart water networks are a natural progression for the water industry in order to solve the challenges they face; population growth, urbanisation and more frequent extreme weather... Read More »

Is the media to blame for the Cape Town water crisis?


The mainstream media has finally noticed that Cape Town South Africa is going to run out of water in weeks.  And now the newspapers and websites and tv programmes all carry special reports about it.  The media is fascinated by the crisis, the response to it, and who’s to blame. Mihir Sharma,... Read More »

You need a pressure manager


Interesting news. Esval (Empresa Sanitaria de Valparaiso) in Chile has a Pressure Manager. A sign of things to come for water company organisation design or an oddity? Perhaps because of the strong regulatory focus on leakage, perhaps because pipes burst and networks leak, many water companies... Read More »

Sales expansion and the year of the logger – i2O’s 2017 in review


2017 has been the year of the logger at i2O as water utilities around the world monitor and report on network performance increasingly. We’ve seen demand for i2O loggers soar amongst our clients, and this has not been at the expense of other areas of our business.  Demand for our wider range... Read More »

Shower together to save water


South African Airways chief flight attendant Zanda Setlaleleng has been recognised by the Western Cape’s Water Hero initiative. He is a man of many talents which include being able to greet people in 20 different languages. He uses the opportunity of addressing a plane load of people to offer... Read More »

Water isn’t ancient history


Amman Citadel can be found in the heart of Jordan’s capital city Amman. It has been continuously occupied since Neolithic times. After conquest by the Greeks it was known as Philadelphia. The Romans left their mark too – the columns that stand on the site belong to the Temple of Hercules, and... Read More »

The future isn’t LPWAN


IDC FutureScape’s report that contains its Worldwide Internet of Things 2017 Predictions includes this: “Prediction 2: Despite Hype on the Benefits of Low-Power Wide Area Networks, such as LoRa and Sigfox, its Unlicensed Spectrum and Lack of Quality of Service Will Cause Companies to Focus... Read More »

The biggest desalination plant in the West


The coastal cities on the West of the Americas including Tijuana are growing rapidly and drought is affecting the Colorado River on which they rely. i2O regularly cites the following 6 challenges for water companies globally: increasing and urbanising population, more extreme weather events,... Read More »

Living on the edge


Edge analytics isn’t a form of extreme analytics with data scientists performing complex calculations on precipitous cliffs. So what is it, and why does it matter? It’s key to effective network monitoring. Here’s the theory: You want to minimise the amount of data you need to move around... Read More »

SCADA isn’t a panacea


Kristina Foster, Marketing Communications Manager at Sensus and formerly of Schneider Electric has written an interesting post about asset maintenance. She argues that water companies sometimes mistakenly believe that SCADA is the go-to-system for everything involving monitoring, visualisation,... Read More »

H2O Will Trump CO2


Alpheus Water Research has written a wide-ranging piece explaining why they think that water will surpass climate change as the world’s main preoccupation in future. The article references many of the themes that i2O cites as challenges for the industry including: water scarcity, ageing... Read More »

Acuacar Leakage scores with new kit from i2O


The leakage detection & control department at Acuacar, the water utility for Cartagena, Colombia, is performing in style with new kit provided by i2O. As well as delivering significant leakage reductions and performance improvements in Acuacar’s water distribution network, the... Read More »

Lady Freethinker


Lady Freethinker is “a nonprofit media organization with the mission of achieving a free and compassionate world — for every species”. Kate Harveston’s blog on the Lady Freethinker website is entitled THE WORLD IS FACING A CLEAN WATER CRISIS WE CAN NO LONGER IGNORE. Humans aren’t... Read More »

i2O at WETEX 2017


i2O are pleased to be attending the 19th Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) this week in Dubai. Mohamed Sadek (pictured below), our Dubai based MENA Sales Director, is at the event which is being held in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 23rd -... Read More »

Lessons from the sewers


In 1775, London watchmaker Alexander Cumming patented the S-bend. It was a beautifully simple solution to containing sewer smells in the sewer. The question though is why, in a rapidly expanding city, it took nearly 100 years - until 1866 - for most of London to be connected to a sewer... Read More »

Dam it


The building of dams often has consequences downstream. No more so than in the case of Ethiopia’s flagship dam – the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The water will power the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa at 6,450 MW, making it the 7th largest in the world. The river? The... Read More »

i2O at Festival dell’ Acqua


Two of i2O's Sales Directors are in Bari, Italy attending the Festival dell' Acqua. Held at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro", the event takes place on the 9th - 11th October, with additional activities displayed in the city centre on the 8th. Silvia King, our US Sales Director and Italian... Read More »

A water shortage…in Sweden?


Drought isn’t something you’d associate with a Northern European country like Sweden. You might, rightly or wrongly, have some other stereotypes in mind like blond hair, Volvos and Abba. Since the autumn of 2015 large parts of Sweden have experienced low levels of snowfall and rainfall. 2016... Read More »



Mexico has suffered a series of earthquakes recently, of magnitudes 5.7, 6.1 and 7.1 with the number of people killed numbering in the hundreds. i2O Sales Director Patricio Orozco, a Mexican citizen who currently lives in the UK, was in the country with local i2O Sales Director Enrique Torres... Read More »

False alarms


How many false alarms do you get from monitoring equipment on your treatment works and distribution network? How many times are alarms cancelled with no need for further action? How often are you woken in the night by a car alarm going off? All too often, no doubt. You’re not alone. The... Read More »

Poor water management in the Middle East


A new World Bank report puts a figure on the cost of poor water management in the Middle East and North Africa at $21bn a year. It says that of all the challenges the Middle East and North Africa faces, it is least prepared for water crises. This is set against a background of increasing water... Read More »

The S in SCADA isn’t for Secure


The S in SCADA stands for Supervisory, not Secure. An article in the Harvard Business Review entitled “Smart Cities Are Going to Be a Security Nightmare” points out that SCADA systems are particularly susceptible to frequent hacks due to poor security protocols, and a lack of cryptographic... Read More »

The politics of water


Water and Politics: Clientelism and Reform in Urban Mexico is the title of a new book by Veronica Herrera, assistant professor of political science at the University of Connecticut. At $75 it’s not cheap; it’s not exactly a thriller; and 8 cities in Mexico may not be a large enough sample size.... Read More »

Cheque this out


Pucallpa is a city in the east of Peru. It is built on one bank of the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon. It is the capital of the Ucayali region, the Coronel Portillo Province and the Calleria District. Its name means "red earth" - puka allpa in Quechua. Empresa Municipal de... Read More »

Manmade glacier


More extreme weather is one of the 6 key global trends that i2O sees affecting its clients in the water industry (along with increasing population size and urbanisation, ageing network infrastructure, an ageing workforce, customers becoming more demanding, and difficulty in increasing revenue and... Read More »

Drought: act now before it’s too late


Droughts are occurring more frequently. Because populations are increasing and urbanising, the impact of drought on agriculture and people could be devastating. Major cities could run out of water and the resulting unrest could create civil strife, mass migration, and conflict. Right now, there... Read More »

i2O at the Environmental Permitting Summer School


i2O's US Sales Director, Silvia King and Customer Solutions Director, Keith Hilson are in Florida attending the Environmental Permitting Summer School. Held at the Harbour Beach Marriott, the event takes place on the 18th - 21st July and aims to keep attendees updated with Florida’s... Read More »

The Water Court of Valencia


Eight men in black robes meet every Thursday at noon sitting in a circle on chairs in the street outside a cathedral. They are the Water Court of Valencia. According to the Times of India the Court has been in existence for 1,000 years. It’s an elected body who resolve irrigation conflicts in an... Read More »

i2O at IndoWater 2017


We're at IndoWater 2017 this week (11th - 13th July) at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Indonesia. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with Razim Faris, our APAC Sales Manager and Keith Hilson, our Customer Solutions Director from our UK Office. For more information or to schedule a meeting,... Read More »

That sinking feeling


Sinkholes make great pictures. There’s something unsettling about the idea of the ground opening up and swallowing houses, cars, even people. Many are natural phenomena: percolating water erodes soluble bedrock or volcanic deposits and over time a void is created which eventually gives... Read More »



The water industry isn’t known for its glamour. But Beyoncé and her BeyGOOD Foundation have announced plans, reported in the NME, to tackle the water crisis in Burundi. She has teamed up with UNICEF to offer two limited edition t-shirts in her online store, profits from which will go towards the... Read More »

i2O at the 19th Congress of Andesco


Some of the i2O team are attending the 19th Congress of Andesco this week (28th - 30th June) at the Hotel Las Americas Convention Centre in Cartagena, Colombia. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with Edgar Rincon, LATAM Sales Director, Camilo Munoz-Trochez, Technical Support Analyst, and Kevin... Read More »

Water crisis


Let’s google “water crisis” in the news and see whether i2O’s list of challenges measures up (recognising that there is a skew to English language reporting). Water scarcity: New Mexico Land Commissioner Cites Fresh Water Crisis More extreme weather events: Rs 2-crore plan to overcome... Read More »

Underinvesting in infrastructure can cost big in the end


It’s only when disaster strikes that we look back, recognise, and accept that there has been a significant shortfall in investment in ageing infrastructure. For the residents of Grenfell Tower in London, there are questions now about whether the cladding, which was used to cost-effectively... Read More »

i2O at AWWA ACE 2017


Some of the i2O team are at AWWA ACE 2017 this week (12th-14th June) at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre. Stop by the Innovation Lounge (stand #3435) to meet our newly appointed US Sales Director Silvia King, Customer Solutions Director Keith Hilson and CEO Joel Hagan. i2O are also proudly... Read More »

Remember where water comes from


The Chinese proverb Remember Where Water Comes From can be found on the wall outside the offices of the Taiwan Water Corporation (TWC). Whilst the Taipei Water Department (TWD) looks after water for the capital, Taiwan Water Corporation is responsible for the rest of the country. Because the... Read More »

It makes you WannaCry


The rapid global spread of ransomware WannaCry at the end of last week should have made everyone think hard about security. Microsoft has angled its criticism at the security agencies for i) keeping vulnerabilities secret so that they can exploit them and ii) allowing them to be leaked and... Read More »

Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink


This is a picture of Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. The picture is an image from NASA generated from a Landsat satellite image and elevation data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The city centre is located at Table Bay (at the lower left), adjacent to Table... Read More »

The playbook for best practice outage management


In a recent event experienced by Anglian Water in the UK in March 2017, a tweet was picked up by local media outlet LincolnshireLive from resident Phil Scrafton who tweeted at Anglian Water: "No water for 20hrs, 1 week old baby needs feed, multiple calls to you yet still no bottled water. Why... Read More »

Drought and about


California’s drought may be over for now but they’re heading into summer and California’s rain levels vary more than anywhere else in the United States. By 40 to 50% in either direction compared with eastern states which fluctuate by only 10%. So the outlook isn’t rosy. CBS Miami reports... Read More »

i2O prices down, water tariffs up


While i2O is busy reducing its prices, some water utilities are putting prices up. That’s not always going down well. Singapore is putting its water prices up for the first time in 17 years. For 10 years on the trot its citizens have been persuaded to use less water in the national interest... Read More »

More extreme weather events


The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that February 2017, December 2016 – February 2017, and 2017 year-to-date are the 2nd warmest in the 1880-2017 records. The previous year stays in 1st place. Extreme weather has already wreaked havoc... Read More »



Our new man in Latin America, Patricio Orozco, has just spent a week in Chile meeting our existing clients and introducing some new ones to i2O’s solutions. Chile is well regarded in Latin America as having good coverage for water services and high water quality standards. Three things have... Read More »

News OfWat’s going on


Every 5 years, the UK water regulator Ofwat does a price review which sets limits on charging and sets expectations about what customers get for those prices. The next price review will be in 2019, known as “PR19”. The timetable includes a final methodology statement from Ofwat by the end of... Read More »

It’s time to visit Colombia


Your preconceptions about Colombia could be 20 years out of date. Now is the time to visit before the country is inundated by tourists.  i2O has a number of clients in the country and is hoping to bring the benefits that those clients have achieved to other cities. Our CEO and Latin America sales... Read More »

Sydney sweats it out


As the UK enjoys another week of freezing winter temperatures, Sydney Australia enjoys (or suffers) a heatwave. called it a “summer of sweat”.  Sydney has just experienced the hottest January on record with temperatures above 40C. The Guardian reports that demand for water... Read More »

Water: spiralling cost or drop in the ocean?


Water UK reports that the average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales for 2016-17 will be £389 - an increase of £2 (less than 1%) compared with the previous year.  Despite this small increase, water and sewerage companies will deliver a 5% average drop in real terms in prices... Read More »

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